Our Mission

Our Mission

At Ready to Launch, we’re on a mission to build inclusive pathways for all women into careers in government and politics.

We're a community hub for self-identifying women to learn, grow, and begin their careers. We work to foster an inclusive democracy by ensuring women from historically marginalized communities have equitable access to these opportunities. Unlike organizations that are focused on electing more women to office, we’re focused on bringing more women into staff roles in government and politics.

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization serving the Los Angeles County area.

Our values

Our progressive values are at the core of our work to build an equitable and inclusive government and political system. We believe in a future where:

  • Our democracy truly represents our communities. We know that having representative staff teams is just as essential as having representative elected officials. Staff members make just as many decisions that touch our everyday lives, and we know the best decisions are informed by lived experiences and diverse voices being included in the conversation.
  • We tear down barriers that have long made government and politics an exclusive world. That means valuing and advocating for paid work, transparent hiring practices, and investments in recruiting women from backgrounds that have historically been excluded.
  • We ensure women from historically marginalized communities have equitable opportunities to bring their voices, talents, and perspectives to this work. We work to elevate the stories of women working in these spaces, as well as provide free resources, training, and support to women who wish to launch careers in these fields.
  • We support healthy work environments by working to equip women with the tools and training they need to advocate for themselves, practice self care, set boundaries, and support inclusive and collaborative workplaces.









Ready to Launch is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Los Angeles.

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